Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy little Rubies...

The first photo this week is... my prize, from MARY/THETEACH over at Work of the Poet. As y'all know, Mary, celebrated the 1st anniversary of her Ruby Tuesday meme and gave out three prizes. I was very fortunate to be chosen for one. Here's the photo of my prize, all the way from New York to Melbourne, Australia.

I'm going to have to wait until spring to plant the four leaf clover seeds. I don't want to wait, but I'm afraid it may get too cold for them to survive and that would be sad.

Getting back to the Ruby photos, photo #1 is of a man that makes the second best tasting coffee I've ever had. If you're interested, the best tasting coffee is in Adelaide. Just in case you ever get to visit Australia; you will need that information.

Photo #2 is the coffee shop this man owns. It's a cute little angular place, definitely on the Bohemian side, with lots of cushions and bench seats, with large windows that open up onto the sidewalk. The whole space is small even out on the sidewalk, as I think you can see in the other two photos.

The last photo is one of those fluke captures. As I was walking away from the coffee shop, my daughter chuckled at someone's creativity...I saw an opportunity for an interesting Ruby Tuesday.

And...for more excellent Ruby Tuesdays visit MARY/THETEACH.

*If want a closer look at the details, click on the pics*

Have a great Ruby Tuesday!




  1. Lovely series of pictures, eaton! I'd love to have a coffee there, but Adelaide is just a little bit far away! Congrats on winning that prize, and yes, better wait until Spring. Four leaved clover is supposed to bring luck, and if you kill it, who knows what might happen!

  2. Dear Eaton,
    Congratulation once more with the price. So well deserved.
    Honors to the US postal system for a quick job.

    Walking with you in Melbourne make me pretty urban. The Tree Vee made me chuckle and so did the restaurant
    "Lost for words", so absolutely not lost, but filled to the brim with superlatives.
    The coffee guy has Zorba class, who would not like at least to watch him dance?

    Now, I've better stick by the tents at home. I'm more than well off as it is.
    Have a happy Ruby Tuesday
    From Felisol

  3. What a great post for Ruby Tuesday, Eaton! Thanks for posting the Ruby Tuesday prize so beautifully! And yes, kudos to all the postal systems involved in getting it to you pretty quickly! That store is one I'd love to visit! :)

  4. Congratulations (belatedly)! Another marvelous Ruby Tuesday series ... the photos are well worth embiggening. I'm so far behind on blog visiting I may never catch up, but I'm doing what I can today ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. What a fun RT post! and congrats on winning. The coffee shop sounds like my kind of place. You definitely had your eyes *open*--thanks for sharing.

  6. congrats on your fantastic pkg from Mary

    love your photo series

  7. Congrats for the price !
    The man looks very Italian, maybe he is of italian origin ? that's why the coffee is so good ?

  8. Great finds, I don't know what to comment on first - Mary's cool package, the idea of really good coffee in a funky shop, or that fabulous tree vee.

    Terrific post.


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