Monday, February 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

more Ruby Tuesdays with a
click on the pic above

With MARY/THETEACH'S theme of valentines day in mind
I fooled around with some chocolate hearts, a beaded dress
and a candle. I am not sure I'm very pleased with my offering
to this weeks Ruby Tuesday, so if anyone has suggestions as
to how I could improve the lighting so that the images are
clearer, I would be very thankful. I considered not showing
them...but how else will I learn. Have a great Ruby Tuesday!

Eaton :)

*Don't forget to click on the pics*


  1. These series of photos show the romantic Valentine Day celebration you are planning. I want to see the look on your guy's face. hehe...

  2. The sense of romance is filling the pictures ;)

  3. I love them!
    I'm an amateur so no help here I'm afraid. I don't think I could have done this well.
    They evoke romance for sure.

  4. Getting ready for a romantic day...... Love those choco!!!! mine is here

  5. Oh my my my... At first I thought the second shot was some artfully dripped candle wax, then I realized nobody's that artful at dripping candle wax.

    But that last one? That's just dead sexy!


    Lucky guy...

  6. Hi!
    Great RED Valentine post!! I like those hearts and shoes, all set for a romantic evening! Have a great day!!


  7. Ooh, steamy hot. Romance is definitely in the air in Australia!

  8. There is a poetic art applied to each picture. The red candles and hearts set against the black and white backgrounds works very well!

  9. Actually, I really like these. Particularly the candle, but all of them are very textural. It's like you could reach in and touch them. I think they're beautiful, very evocative and sensual.

  10. Beautiful red series for a romantic Valentine's Day setting ... complemented with appropriate music too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. What cute chocolates:) And I agree on that last photo, lovely composition, perhaps a rose instead of the candle...?

  12. Dear Eaton,
    You have interpreted the spirit of sweet romance so well.
    If you were not such a wonderful kind soul, I'd say I envy you.
    Now I just enjoy the way you succeed in displaying feelings and this unsaid in photos.
    I pray and hope that things are all well with you.
    From Felisol

  13. This black dress look very elegant and class.
    Your pictures seems to be taken for a fashion magazine. Very well done. I would like to know where are the chocolates, just a little to be able to wear the dress for the Big day.

  14. gorgeous! I didnt even know about this blog!

  15. Maybe someone else has something to suggest but I love it. This is soo cool!
    My husband bought me a new's a Sony Cybershot. His is Sony too- so that way we can use the same cards w/rechargeables. Ocassionaly I use his, but back in the day I only used a Nikon and I took pictures like crazy. Anyway, maybe long overdue? Now, because I fiddled & diddled so much on the last post for different may of missed the second blog? There are two pictures taken (up close as you suggested) in a fern forest...with an itty bitty (smiles) Haiku. R.M.-

  16. I loved these all. I'd like to see the dress and the shoes in the same shot along with the shiny red of the chocolate...dropped carelessly on the way to bed maybe? I agree that the textures are wonderful, the soft candle, the beaded dress and shiny, smooth red chocolates. ROMANTIC! Beautiful and well done. E

  17. I love the imagery too - just like with your poetry, you've taken one or too objects and put them together in an evocative way. I also think you have a superb eye for arrangement - they all seem very balanced to me. I particularly like the trail of chocolates over the dress - how they start out neat and symbolic, then sort of scatter, like rose petals. Lovely! XOXO ~Gwenny

  18. that's a beautiful Valentine scene, lovely photos

  19. Great photos, love the vibe. My photos blur in low light too. I cheat and soften the entire image to make it look like I meant to do it. Still working on getting it right the first time. I just don't have a steady hand. The I love faces site has some great tips and some great photographers that play along and would be better help than me :)

  20. Eaton, Thanks for your visit to It Strikes. If I can catch the cardinal at the red berry bush I'll post it too. It would fit with your valentine theme.

    I agree w mojo; that last one - a bit of heat.



  21. What a romantic set of pix!

    Thanks for the visit and the fun comment!

  22. Gosh I think its fantstic! Well done I found your blog via June Savilles blog. Nice to find other Aussies!!

  23. Eaton..I'm probably not going to post anything in time for this week..if red was the theme what is it for the week of Valentine's? Drop me a line...

  24. I suggest ( if you have a problem holding the camera steady as suggested by TuTu's Bliss above) you set something stationary up to rest your camera on if you don't have a tripod, or resting against a wall or furniture, that way it will keep you more steady.
    As well, I like the first photo, but agree with you that it could be better lit. Try lighting tea lights & placing them directly behind the larger so it's out of sight, but still lending it's light. Or you could place some of those tall candles (gosh the names evades me right now) just out of the frame, because they give off the brightest light, or so I've found.
    The middle one is great, but the lighting seems too bright for it to be too romantic, I think. Try dimming the lights or going with only one light source from one direction.
    The last one I would suggest you block any other light sources (try at night if you don't have a blacked out room) and go with one direction of light, that way it casts a long shadow.
    All three are beautiful, creative scenes, I like them.

  25. Dear Eaton,
    I am glad that Amber gave you such good advise.
    I wouldn't know where to start
    The picture all looked so good to me!
    When I saw that second picture, it made me think of the beach and all of those little valentines looked just like footsteps.
    So romantic that the footsteps are little red hearts! All different sizes
    When I clicked on to the picture, the detail of the background material was exquisite!

    I admire those dainty ruby red high heels.
    They are so pretty.
    Alas, my high heel days are over because I fall too easily now. Oh well, I guess that old people shoes are more serviceable, eh but how ugly some of them are!
    Really nice post Eaton.
    Have a good week, eh?.....Love Terry

  26. Now that's some romantic Ruby happening here! Happy Ruby Tuesday to you!


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