Monday, August 10, 2009

Macro ruby Jewel

Another exotic jewel from my tiny back garden. It's a Lilly, what type of Lilly is any body's's a Dragon's Blood Lilly. I'm not sure, but if you know, please tell in your comment. The color is stunningly dark! I guess it could be magenta, more so than purple, but whatever you call the color, it's beautiful. As usual I have probably posted way too many photos...but hey, there were 59 to choose from. Have a great Ruby Tuesday everyone. :)

...and for more Ruby Tuesdays, visit MARY/THETEACH at work of the poet.

*Click on the pics for more detail*




  1. That is unusual for a lily. It's like a burgundy red...never seen that color on a lily before. Happy Ruby Tuesday...

  2. It's almost like an aubergine, such a deep rich color! Stunning!

  3. Beautiful and dramatic shots Eaton!

    To me this looks like some type of Calla Lily. They range in color from white to black.

  4. Marvelous macros of your lovely lily. Methinks it's 'stunning' ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Dear Eaton,
    So nice hearing from you.
    I had a great time watching your slideshow. Many red items there as well. The funny, fluffy Australian thin leaved specie, the auburn horses and many more.
    I never stop wondering that the many exotic plants shown on Ruby Tuesday are indoor hothouse flowers here.
    Probably freighted all the way from Australia.
    Like the mystery flower of your Ruby Tuesday. Mine are redder though, kind of browinsh/red, but same shape and shining surface.
    I got mine of Gunnar's aunt more than a year ago. It has just blossomed for the second time.
    I admire the way you make your macro way almost into the interior of the flower.
    From Felisol

  6. Beautiful macros of that very different flower ! Those don't grow here in Scandinavia :)
    Thanks for your comment !

  7. Looks mahogany to me but then I'm not really good at identifying colors :P
    Lovely shots for RT :)

  8. Awesome photos, Eaton. As an ex-botany student I can really appreciate these! Superb

  9. No matter what name it's so beautiful!!

    My R T is posted. It's a small 2 minute video I compiled for You Tube about "Flamingo Fandango". Come visit if you can!! Happy day.

  10. I love the color of this lily. It's so unusual, at least for flowers where I live. And the textures I see there, smooth as well as rough, almost embossed looking layers and the bristly hairs beside the stamen. It's a real feast for the eye.
    Beautiful job, Eaton. E

  11. Your flower shots are gorgeous as each one-


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