Monday, July 27, 2009

Ruby Busker

I found this man while I was wandering one of Melbourne's most fashionably expensive streets. The clothes are expensive and the street is a mass of coffee shops, restaurants and famous for it's night life.

Cosmopolitan best describes this street and this musician is just one of the various people and life styles to be seen here.

For more interesting Ruby Tuesdays visit MARY/THETEACH at work of the poet

*Click the pics for more detail*


  1. That second one strikes me as powerful.

  2. Dear Eaton,
    I just thought of you yesterday. Such a long time since I heard from you.
    You always find some Tales of the unexpected to tell.
    This accordionist in his straw hat and half gloves, one wonders, and hopes he will be doing fine at the end of the day.
    From Felisol

  3. old busker at work
    playing his accordion
    for bits of spare change

    My Ruby Tuesday

  4. street scenes are always wonderful
    these are great

  5. The accordian has a beautiful patina. I wonder just how long he's been playing it.
    Love the second shot!

  6. The first two are very powerful shots!

  7. I love finding street musicians. The top two say so much -- but the whole series is wonderful. I hope you paid him well for it! ;)


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