Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Country rubies...

I forgot I had these photos. They are from a recent visit to the country, Castlemaine, right in the heart of what used to be the Golden Triangle; gold rush country. The first photo was taken in the cellar of a Victorian era building. The owners have turned it into the basement show area of their art gallery. It was eerily quiet, pleasantly cool.

I got a shock when I walked into this shop, turned around and saw these canine beauties. They were really big dogs and didn't bat an eye lid when I carefully and quietly snapped this shot. I say carefully and quietly, because I didn't want to awaken the beasts...just in case they ate me.

Photo #3, I liked the contrasts of curved wrought iron in the gate (ruby of course), and the contrasting straight lines around it. I liked the angle of the shot a lot. Is that shameless self promotion? If it is, I'm guilty.

And then I found the cradle, Chinese, dating back to the gold rush. It was being used as a display for those cushions on sale. Australia's treatment of the Chinese people during the gold rush is black. We treated the Chinese immigrants cruelly.

Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday, everyone and don't forget to...

*Click on the pics for a better view*

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  1. I like that kind of rough galleries too. There was some fine lighting too. I bet those dogs were just bored and didn´t care about visitors anymore even though their size was a bit intimidating.

  2. I like the variety of your post. Great pictures! I enjoy walking through old buildings. They have such character. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The dogs are taking a BIG nap !

  4. Dear Eaton,
    First of all, congratulation with the prize last week. It was so well deserved.
    Your pictures always have that something extra in them.

    I felt at home in that first picture. The art gallery in the basement.
    I most certainly would have liked to spend some time there.

    The grand danois scare the living daylight out of me.
    I wouldn't even dream to take a shot at them.

    The cradle, the welcoming of every new life, how poor and raw the circumstances must be.
    From Felisol

  5. WONDERFUL shots Eaton! I love that cradle! I didn't even realize that was what it was until I read your description - it's fabulous!

  6. I loved all your pictures and really couldn't pick a favorite. Stone archways really do something for me though...

  7. What a wonderful looking gallery, I'd have loved to be there browsing with you, though stumbling on those dogs would have scared the daylights out of me as well.

  8. That dog shot is GREAT. Catburglars be VERY aware. Meow..! :) Happy RT!

  9. Those are very lovely RED shots and a couple of VERY big dogs! My postmistress said it should take 10 days - 2 weeks to get to you... a week has passed already. Let me know when you receive the prize. :)

  10. Might big dogs! What a nice, eclectic series of red shots. And I enjoyed the bit of history too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. those dogs are amazing! like giant book ends ;)

    beautiful photos

  12. A comfortable place for a nap they've found!! :)

  13. Those dogs are HUGE! I'd be afraid to waken them as well. And we Americans treated the Chinese immigrants cruelly as well. :(
    That gate is quite beautiful, no wonder you chose to take that shot.
    Lovely photos as always. E

  14. Very impressive danes. Fine series.

  15. LOVE the pic of the dogs...I can tell they sure live a rough life..LOL!!!

  16. Lovely shots and I like the dogs also. On of my favorite breeds.

  17. Wonderful series for Ruby Tuesday ... love it when I find old photos I'd forgotten ... the dogs are kewl as is the Slide Show. One of these days I'll find time to play with THAT too ... hopefully.
    Hugs and blessings,


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