Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You gotta hunt for the Rubies this week. :)

Oooops! Not a lot of Ruby Red in this selection of photos. But, if you look real close you will find a touch of red in each one. I chose this lot of photos because I like the curves and flow of the tunnel and that the car was moving when I took them.

I'm guessing you have all been through many tunnels, but I haven't, this is a novelty to me. Especially taking photos in a tunnel. The first couple of times I went through it on the way to Adelaide, I was caught without enough time to get my camera ready. But this time I was waiting with camera in hand.

I think as photos go they are not that good a quality, but considering they were snapped inside the car with a dirty windscreen, (forgot about that point at the time) I'm happy enough with them.

There is a bonus photo below the tunnel pictures it depicts what I love most about Adelaide and that photo is a definite Ruby Tuesday.

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*Click on the pics if you've a mind to get a better look*

The beaches along the coast of the Great Australian Bite are magnificent and draw me every time we visit the city.

Have a wonderfully Red Ruby Tuesday everyone. :)




  1. That beach is drawing me in, too. When can I come for a visit?

  2. What a gorgeous beach, especially the way the green vegetation comes almost to the water's edge. We don't get that by our beaches.

    Fun series of shots Eaton.

  3. Dear Eaton,
    I like your tunnel pictures as well. Like you say, not much light and the traffic goes rapidly.
    Along the coast of Norway there are tunnels under many of the fjords.
    (There are also some ferries left and quite a few bridges. The coastline is like a work of laces, fjords cutting up the scenery all the time.)

    What I meant to say, is that I am familiar with tunnels and find them fascinating.
    The beach of Adelaide is just beautiful.
    Australia is of course famous for it's wonderful beaches.
    Hope you had a good day there.
    From Felisol

  4. I looked very closely and saw red all around. The speed post signs, the cars(tail lights and a red one coming out of the tunnel),red smoke stacks,red shirts, and the containers.I live on the East Coast we have tunnels here, in the USA, going under the Bays as well as through mountains. I find them fascinating.Have a good day.

  5. Tail lights of the cars in the tunnel were spotted with red :)

  6. Better a tunnel than a bridge, eh? Nicely done!


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