Monday, February 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday...

Whilst I was whiling away some time on Monday
I found things for Tuesday - Ruby Tuesday to
be exact. I was on the lookout for things
of a sexy romantic nature. Interestingly enough
they could be Valentines gifts. I had a lot of fun
snapping these pics and I think I have a Stiletto

These photos were taken with my Nokia mobile
phone 2megapixel camera. ~shrugs~ It's all I had
with me...

Have a wonderful, love filled Valentines Day
everyone and a great Ruby Tuesday.



Please visit MARY/THETEACH for more
Ruby Tuesdays.

*Please click on these pics to appreciate
the detail.*


  1. love the red shoes with cabbage rose! very sexy.:D

  2. Shoes are your thing, eh, Eaton?And RED ones at that! Gorgeous Ruby Tuesday post! Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

  3. Love the red heels.

    My RT is up. here, if you get a chance to stop by.

  4. If I would wear these high heels, I would look like a girafe, lol !

  5. Oh you went Ruby Tuesday shopping! That's when you don't buy anything, you just take pics of red stuff LOL! I have a Nokia too, the E71. I think it does ok for a cell phone, except when I zoom. It's 3.2 megapixels. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    Tink *~*~*
    NEW at My Mobile Adventures *~*~*: RED Signs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  6. Eaton, I've always had a strange foot fetish..ha!!
    I love the reds, peach & those pink ones to the left- Nice work-
    I used to carry a trusty Nikon w/me everywhere before digital. I loved it! I'm thankful I preserved my negatives pretty well though. I've surprised a few people by pulling out some long forgotten photo! Anyway, I literally put it to the side when digital arrived..a block? Well, like I said, I received my's a Sony Cybershot and I'm happy getting to know it! Have a good day and thanks for responding..

  7. Dear Eaton,
    Those stilettos are attractive. And your two compositions with Dior's Poison very successful.
    I too have lots and lots of fun with my cellphone am. It's always there, ready for use.
    daughter Serina is a real shoe fetishist. I envy her collection just a little. I neither have the balance, nor the elegance and back to wear such shoes.
    They add lots and lots of femininity to a woman, that's for sure.
    Enjoy your photohunts and your composition technique. You've got it in you.
    From Felisol

  8. I guess I read stiletto fetish and stopped reading to take a look. It wasn't until I saw the comment about the phone did I realize - you did great for a camera phone. I honestly wouldn't have known.
    Great shots.

  9. Oh shoes, mmm:) The red ones with roses are kind of... really appealing, though I have no idea when I'd wear them. My favourite perfume for many years was the originial Dior Poison, but after they changed the scent, nah...:/ Their bottles are as pretty as always though.

  10. Two wonderful collages. I could never wear those shoes but they do look very sexy.

  11. killer shoes! I'd use them as planters ...

  12. I love shoes and these are great!

  13. Oh Eaton...Just look at all of those pretty high feminine!
    Well although I can't wear the high heels anymore in my old age, I sure don't have any objections to the perfume in those delicate ruby red bottles!
    Hope you have a great Saturday Eaton,
    God bless you real good...Love Terry

    Maybe the boots in the background would be all rigbt for me to wear!..Ha!!

  14. I like the pretty high heels but I cannot wear them.... because I have flat feet. :(


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