Sunday, January 18, 2009

Macro Ruby Tuesday

<--Link to more Ruby Tuesdays! Ficifolia
- Native Flowering Eucalypt.

I know there are lots of photos, but I could
not bring myself to separate them.

Shot with an Olympus Camedia
C-750 Ultra Zoom
4.0 Megapixel

*Don't forget to click on pic for awesome detail*


  1. Your photos are lovely. Looking forward to more. :))

  2. I really liked these. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it well. I haven't looked ('cause I'm lazy) but what kind of camera do you use?

  3. You have the coolest flowers down there! And these photos are awesome. Wonderful detail.

  4. You were so right not to separate them. nature in development and life. These wonderful colors; pink, white and pastel green.
    Our creator sure has a miraculous good taste.
    FRom Felisol

  5. Gorgeous - the colors, the detail, the composition, all of it.

  6. Beautiful flowers! I've never seen those before. Lovely macro shots too!

  7. They kind of remind me of Passion Flowers... only in red.

  8. those are exquisite photo's very bright and beautiful
    and, I am glad to hear that Eric Bana is a nice guy. I do like his acting. :)

  9. Eaton, a marvelous collection of sharp, exquisite photos for Ruby Tuesday! Thank you for sharing them! :)

  10. What a a wonderful weird flower, the pink and red details are gorgeous, have a good RT!

  11. Wonderful macros of this interesting flower. Love the color too. :-)

  12. Great shots! I love the colors!

  13. Beautiful macro shots for Ruby Tuesday!! :)
    Have a wonderful Day :)

  14. They are beautiful shots! I just got a new camera and I want to play with it too. :)

  15. These flowers are so elegant and fragile.
    Appropriate shots for Ruby Tuesday, we need such Red souvenirs of warmer days in the North !
    Thanks to share, Eaton.

  16. as far as i'm concerned these are just the 'bees knees'!! wowie!

  17. Eaton!!! These are gorgeous photos!! Great macro work...the color and sharpness are amazing! I am so jealous ;-) Is there ANYTHING you don't do well???

    Be sure to stop by the forum and share some of these. We are playing a game now that has been a big hit.

  18. what a gorgeous shot! love those beautiful blooming flower..

  19. What an amazing and unbelievable beautiful flower! Such a surprise to see it unfold through your photos. Nice to have discovered your blog.

  20. Dear Eaton...I saw you at Felisol's blog and I loved your comment about your Dad.
    What a lovely thought!
    When Bernie's Dad passed away, we were at his bedside.
    When he shrugged his shoulders as if he was saying "So long for now", took his last breath and "fell asleep", I wondered what Bernie was doing as he gently touched his Dad on the side of his face.
    Later, I learned that he had taken his Dad's hearing aid.
    It is so precious to us and now I see that you are right. Dad Hanson will live forever in our memories until we meet him in heaven.
    Your comment so touched me that I had to come and thank you.
    I am glad I did too because these ruby red flowers are so beautiful Eaton.
    I looked up the meaning of your pretty name and it was really hard to find but I did!
    Eaton in both genders means"from the riverside village".
    You know the song that was playing when I came here,"At Last" brought tears to my eyes,
    When I was younger there used to be a program on TV called "Happy Days" it was a about the 50s teenagers.
    Well this song was playing when two unpopular kids suddenly saw each other. The girl wasn't pretty and the guy was overweight , but when they joined and danced this song together, it was a lovely thing to see as they had their arms around each other and danced cheek to cheek!
    [Betty, my sister were always made fun of when we were in high school and it was a hard thing to go through].
    Just to show you, eh Eaton that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder......From Terry[Teresa]....Southern Ontario, Canada

    PS I will check you out on Ruby Tuesday. In the meantime,, I am trying to get caught up with comments,,,.
    Take care and God bless you!

    PS When Bernie and I used to motorcycle out west, we would meet people from Australia who used to come to Canada in July because they said they were having winter in their country. Is that right Eaton?


Thanks so much everyone of you who passes through here, stops to comment and visits regularly. I value each and every visit and comment. :))


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