Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's thoughts...

Christmas is on the way, moving fast; trying to barrel me over. Least that's what it seems.
My head is obviously full of canned Christmas snow and dust in preparation for the crazy
season, because I have other places that I show my photos.  :)

#1 500px / Eaton Bennett / Photos

#1 byzantinehalo - RedBubble

More to the point is the fact that I was just plain disappointed that Silently Mine has run out.
As have my other two blogs as well. I can not post photos on them either.

I may pay Google for more space, just haven't decided yet. See what y'all think of the other
sites in the links above.

Anyways, thanks to you for expressing that you want me to go on showing my art. I truly
appreciate it.


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