Sunday, April 17, 2011

which way is home? inhospitable landscape...fearful of pink


  1. Lol) it!! That capture says it all too- lovely! Well I've missed you (though appreciated you dropping by recently to send your warmth). Hope you and your family are doing well and I'm going to send some Easter cheer now. Tomorrow we're heading to my sisters for a Passover dinner so we can also celebrate my niece's birthday too..then I we'll be having Easter here later in the week. Have a blessed time..and a big hug to you!!

  2. I'm delighted you found this photo Regina! It's one I had lurking in a file for quite a while. I've been doing some housekeeping, deleting photos that are pretty YUK!!!!

    I wish you a blessed Easter my dear friend. And trust you will enjoy that Passover dinner. It's quite some time since we enjoyed that Jewish celebration...we have been given the gift of all time in our Savior Jesus. love and hugs, Eaton.


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