Monday, September 21, 2009

China Town, Melbourne...

Last Thursday was my birthday. I took myself by train into downtown Melbourne and had a fine time capturing lots of photos of Melbourne's China Town. I actually enjoyed celebrating my birthday on my own, never done that before. I rediscovered it's nice to do something completely for me once in a while.

Melbourne's Chinatown was established during the Victorian gold rush in 1851 when Chinese prospectors joined the rush in search of gold. It is notable as the oldest Chinatown in Australia, the oldest continuous Chinese settlement in Australia, and the longest continuously running Chinatown outside of Asia. (copied entirely from Wikipedia...cos I'm having a lazy spell aaannnnd they had all the links ready to go.) :)

Have a great Ruby Tuesday and don't forget to visit MARY/THETEACH, Ruby Tuesday's host.

*Click on the pics for details*


  1. I so love the Orient style and decor!!!

    My RT is posted, I do hope you can find some time to visit---------

  2. I try to visit every China Town in the cities I travel. Your is great. Hope to visit one day. Hubby would love to go to Melbourne. Happy RT

  3. Happy belated birthday.I can see you had a great day.
    I might just follow your example for my upcoming 60th birthday.
    I don't have a need for celebration, but walking around in peace with all senses open; that might be fun.
    You sure found lots of interesting Ruby places in China town.
    From Felisol

  4. Happy birthday Eaton! What a wonderful way to spend it. I keep saying I'm going to take a day and spend it on a photowalk around Tel Aviv, but other than the big Worldwide Photo Walk I participated in it just never seems to happen.

    Great images, Chinatown is a terrific subject.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday; I'm a Virgo, too celebrated mine with my twin last Wednesday. Took photos in NYC,some red images.
    Great idea to walk around Chinatown, they're known for their love of Red.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  6. Nice little get away on your birthday exploring this nice looking Chinatown :)


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