Monday, September 7, 2009

Putting out flames and savng kittens red...

Every time I think of fire trucks and fireman, I think of lots of water, heat, smoke, danger and kitty's stuck up trees. Once I heard a story of a lady getting her big toe stuck in a faucet (tap, here in Oz), and the fire department sent one of their best, to get her toe out...boggles the mind huh! :)

Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday and check out all the great Ruby Tuesday posts around the world, HERE at WORK OF THE POET with MARY/THETEACH

*If you like details, click on the pics*




  1. I captured a fire truck too :)

    fire fighters are true heroes

  2. Hi Eaton, red fire trucks just catch our attention don't they! We have them in green, blue, black, and other colors here. I like red the best.
    Happy RT, thank you for the nice visit and comment.

  3. I love huge firetrucks and the cute men in them lol I like the other colored ones too tho :)

  4. Eaton, I love fire trucks just like a little kid! Great photos! Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday. I really appreciate it! :)

  5. The red fire engines
    wait for alarms to rouse them
    from uneasy sleep.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. Eaton, fire truck/fighters are a personal favorite of mine but I liked you slide show as well... Happy Birthday (a little bird told me)


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