Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Native Rubies flowering in my winter...

I found native flowers blooming in my street on a winter's day, recently. They are interesting examples of native flowers in this part of Australia.

The red berries bring back memories of many past winters, they are a bit like Holly is to Christmas; they are winter to me. I am pretty sure they are a variety of Contoneaster.

Photo #2 is a Protea still in bud form. It was just a little too early, all the flowers on the bush were at this stage.

Photos #3 & #4 are of a King Protea.

Photo #5 is a Pink Flowering Gum. Anyone who has been visiting my Ruby Tuesdays for a while might remember my first Flowering Gum photos. I have never seen this variety of Gum tree before. It was so beautiful on the day I took the photos and still stunning a couple of weeks later.

Photo #6 is the buds of the pink Flowering Gum. They are spectacular all by themselves.

Photo #7 is what happens to the flowers when they are spent and gone. Those big gum nuts grow and live on the trees for quite a long time.

Even though there is not a whole lot of red in these photos, I think they still make it as Ruby Tuesday captures... :)

Happy Ruby Tuesday to all Ruby Tuesdayer's everywhere.

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*Click on the pics, the details are worth the look...*




  1. These are just lovely... I have seen these berries coated with ice in mid-winter and they are so wonderful and warm.

  2. Dear Eaton,
    Your Australian photos certainly are beautiful and educational.
    I have watched each picture closely and besides the beauty of nature I am thrilled to learn how these nuts develop.
    I bet your winter is warmer than our summer. We are living outdoors just in spite; the thermometer showing 12 Celsius degrees!
    My garden gnome jacket is coming in really handy.
    Enjoy your wonderful winter!
    From Felisol

  3. Lovely and I agree with Felisol, that I've also learned something here from these pictures :)

  4. I love the photo of the flowering gum tree. It's just gorgeous. Thanks for the helpful explanations, too.

  5. What BEAUTIFUL blossoms ... with touches of ruby reds. Thanks for identifying them too. I love learning new things ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. What strange looking flowers to me ! they are beeautiful !

  7. Wonderful variety of images!
    I love the Protea - the color and the texture.
    All very nice Rubies!

    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  8. Amazing that these are flowering in winter, Eaton! They are marvelous flowers! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  9. the 2nd from last is my favorite, jumps off the screen

  10. Your flowers seem so exotic to me. Beatiful!

  11. Very exotically beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amazing. As a Massachusetts boy I could hardly be farther from you, so your offerings might be the only time in my life when I get to see these things.

    Thanks, Man. :)


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