Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One worn out, one reflected...

The end of one red and the reflection of another. Fortunately geraniums flower all year round in Australia, so the death of one stem of flowers is not a big deal. There's plenty more coming. And the reflection of the geranium was mirrored on our deck after our first decent rain for this year.

You know what is amazing about that spent flower? The amount of red left on the stalks even after the flame red petals dried and dropped off. I think this residual red is a true Ruby red.

I need to get out and find more Ruby Tuesdays, Somehow I don't think that will be a hardship.

Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

*Click on pics for details...*

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  1. geraniums all year! Lucky you :)
    I am being good and waiting another week or so before I get mine. i love geraniums


  2. Nice red flowers ! I think I never saw such !

  3. That reflection shot is spectacular! :)

  4. Love the reflection shot too!

    I think we only have geraniums in greenhouses right now.

  5. Hi Eaton, I like your RED geraniums. We can have them all year round (Houston, Texas, area) but most die out in the winter. Just move them closer to the house then and they stay pretty.
    I hope your RT Day was happy, thanks for your visit and nice comment about my RED GIRLS.

  6. Fabulous .. I love you 'eye' and your sense of humor!

  7. Geraniums? Is that what they are? (I had no clue.) Cool contrast between the two!

  8. Great photos for Ruby Tuesday. I love the first one showing the ''spikes' of the dead geranium blossom. But the reflection photo is great too!

    Happy belated Ruby Tuesday.

  9. I love the reflection picture...that is really cool...
    and sadly..yes, my kiddos are getting big...they grow so quickly. It makes me a little weepy..we have had so much fun with them...

  10. And here I thought you remodeled again.

  11. LOVE the feet of the wicked witch! Everything is very pretty. Good weekend. D


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