Monday, April 20, 2009

Shades of Autumn/Fall Rubies in my garden

I would like to say that Autumn/Fall is a time of year I enjoy, but it isn't. I love Spring and Summer, tolerate Autumn and dislike Winter. But regardless we are leaving warm weather behind in Melbourne. The days are still balmy, sunny and the sky is blue, but it won't last. The consolation for me is the wonderful array of colors at this time of year.

My tiny garden has not disappointed me and my Ruby Tuesday photos are of flowers and leaves that are the last vestiges of life to be found outside here. Won't be too long and everything will look gray, dull and lifeless.

This time of year always leaves me wondering if I made the most of the warm weather.
I think my camera and I did, I have lots of photos stored on way to remind me Spring will come again.

Have a great Ruby Tuesday! :)

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*Click on the pics to see the the pesky little Aphids and the rear of an ant*

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  1. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. You have captured the fall very nicely. thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely photos, and lovely rich colors, but I have to admit that I feel the same way about fall and winter as you do.

  3. The colors are beautiful, but I preferred the view without the close ups of the bugs. Just being a girly girl, don't like the little critters. Much prefer the pretty colors and shapes of the flowers.
    Very good example of a Ruby Tuesday. E

  4. Great looking set of photos for a Ruby Tuesday.
    The slide show is looking good as well. Have a wonderful RT

  5. ruby indeed. they are beautiful!

  6. absolutely gorgeous love your slide show very colorful.....

  7. Very pretty flowers and that in autumn ! You won't see that here !

  8. Oh, my...what lovely shades of red.
    A GREAT post! Thanks so much for sharing..

  9. I would love to experience autumn and winter, it's summer all year round in my country.

  10. love your pictures! The grape leaves (are they?) look so majestic in their fall color! very pretty

  11. BEautiful blossoms! Maybe next week I'd see the ladybugs as they tend to follow aphids a lot! ;)

  12. Lovely reds. Did they all come from your "tiny" garden?

  13. Love the detail..just gorgeous. I hope you sprayed soapy water on that sad flower!!

  14. these are all stunning!

    I love the ant's rear ;)

  15. You have so many beautiful reds for Ruby Tuesday.

    Some of those flowers are quite unusual looking. Interesting!

    Happy Belated Ruby Tuesday!

  16. Nice work! Looks like you got a bug problem there though.

  17. I also feel like I have not made the most of spring--after it is over;)

    Beautiful photos!

  18. Those little bugs give me the creeps. I think you can spinkle them with a powder.


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