Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rubies around my neighborhood

A ten minute drive to the north of where I live is my favorite area...one of the reasons being, it's full of red. Red of every conceivable type. Many of my Ruby Tuesday offerings have been captured in this area.

Photo #1 is of a tiny coffee shop in my favorite strip shopping center, you have all seen snaps of that street before, they're archived on this blog.

Photo #2 is the Wall of the biggest cemetery I think I have ever seen and possible the most ostentatious in Melbourne. I never could work out why the big wall all around cemetery's here. It can't be to keep deceased residents in...so I figure it's got to be to keep the vandals out - yeah?

Photo #3 is a rose behind a gate in the wall of the same cemetery.

Photo #4 I have no idea what this building is, but I loved the unusual archway and door.

Have a great Ruby Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Nice eclectic collection of Reds for Ruby Tuesday, Eaton! Excellent slideshow! Good job! Upbeat music that got me jumpin' Thanks! :)

  2. I like #4 too. Looks like there's a small doggie door in it?!?!?

    Tink *~*~*
    Feeding the birds can be hazardous to your vacation

  3. Hi!
    Great shots of RED!! There are fences around cemeteries here too. Makes you wonder! Have a great day!!


  4. Nice shots. Many cemeteries here have fences around them. I guess people are just dying to get in.

  5. I would love to have coffee on that very nice looking place. I also love the scooter that's parked in front of it. Very nice pic also. Happy RT!

  6. Dear Eaton,
    I've just had a wonderful Ruby Tuesday with you.
    I am so curious about pic #4.
    With the cross and the arches it looks like some kind of a church, consciously made asymmetrical.
    Makes one wonder, and maybe go in for a peak.
    A good Easter to you
    from Felisol

  7. I love the slide show! And my favorite picture of the day is the roses through the swirls of the iron gate.

    I actually played along today, can you believe it?

  8. I liked the way you did this..very lovely Eaton-

  9. That is quite an entry into that house. Wish I had something that eye-catching and unique to walk through each day.

  10. All of these are wonderful, but I really love the first and third ones. the first is a story waiting to be told and the third is simply elegant. Reminds me of a wedding photo I took once upon a time.

  11. Nice series. That doorway in the 4th shot really is intriguing.

  12. Eaton, you certainly mix things up and make them fresh! not just the slide show but picking rubies from your neighborhood... the rose behind the gate, awesome!

  13. Very nice findings for Ruby red ! When I walk through the streets I always look for something ruby for the next week, lol !


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