Monday, April 27, 2009

Rubies from the Bolte Bridge

This weeks Ruby Tuesday shots were taken while traveling over the Bolte Bridge. This bridge is a beautiful, sweeping architectural experience. Not that I got too much of the bridge in the shots, but I did get some with varying degrees of red in them.

The first photo is of the cage over the start of the bridge from the Northern end. I have been trying to get a capture that I was happy with for a few trips now, finally I got it. I love the curve and sweep of the steel!

Second photo, same bridge and our new Ferris Wheel, that is out of commission almost as soon as it started. Seems it has some serious cracks in the structure of the wheel.

The third photo has lots of white dots on the roof of the factory, please click on the picture. Those dots are lots of seagulls. This bridge is almost spitting distance from Port Phillip Bay.

Photo four in all it's red glory surprised me, I didn't realize it's the flash of red in photo three.

photo five was just a pretty window, with red geraniums in a window box as we stood idling at the traffic lights. Cute window though, especially the fan shaped frieze work above the window.

Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday everyone and don't forget to visit MARY/THETEACH for more gorgeous Ruby Tuesdays.

PS This is not the bridge I'm scared to drive over...

*Click on the pics for more detail...*




  1. That is really a beautiful bridge and the little dashes of red from the tail lights and flowers adds that little spark of color. Great shot. Thanks for sharing this little part of your world.

  2. first shot is marvelous. whutta stunning structure. and great capture! happy RT!

  3. Hi!
    That first photo is awesome!! Love the texture of the span! With touches of red! Have a great day!!


  4. the top shot is stunning! I literally said "wow!" out loud as I scrolled, make the cat jump ;)

  5. I love the first shot. Nicely done.

  6. A very unusual bridge, Eaton. The first shot is quite good and very interesting! :)

  7. Dear Eaton,
    I'm late. Been out in an emergency.

    Your pictures always are of high quality.
    I'm looking forward to see what you are coming up with. Such a variety of themes.

    Beiing a soft-core romantic, I fell for the last picture. The beautiful home with red geraniums in the window.

    People loving these sweet flowers have to be good themselves. Don't you think?

    Our choises tell alot about who we are.
    Like you when you chose this picture.
    Thank you.
    From Felisol

  8. been drawn here by the title of this blog.
    ill be back here 2moro,thanks for stopping by.

  9. That's amazing...I always wonder "why this bridge/architecture here"...
    So does your ferris wheel have a fun name like London's eye? :)

  10. Just dropping in to say G'Day. I've seen your name in a couple of blog places I visit. Great photos.

  11. Wow. Just beautiful. Now--I'm kind of afraid I would have a panic attack on that bridge! Wild. Neat photos. D


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