Monday, April 13, 2009

Red bricks and rosettes...

My favorite shopping area is providing my Ruby Tuesday; again. I have walked past this building time and time again and never noticed how magnificent this building is. In ten years I must never have looked up. Amazing what an insatiable appetite for finding photographic subjects will do to my view of the world.

*Click to see the beautiful craftsmanship*

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Have a great Ruby Tuesday!




  1. Wow..I did enlarge these and the detailed. Looks like stained glass on the last one with brick? I love it Eaton! That slide with all the pic's & confetti are wonderful..Hope you had a fabulous Easter!

  2. What a beautiful old building indeed! It's funny how carrying a camera around changes our view. I certainly look up a lot more. I'm so busy looking every which way that I'm often bumping into things! :D

  3. whutta nice building indeed. how on earth you didn't notice it earlier? better late than.. very nice RT! you have a great rest of the week!

  4. Yes it IS amazing what you find when you're carrying a camera with you. Very nice shots!

  5. Dear Eaton,
    some very nice buildings with intricate details.
    Isn't it interesting walking around with a camera, catching details, one hardly would stopped to admire more than for a second otherwise.
    I find photographing is making me more aware of my surroundings and is giving my many aesthetic experiences.

    I see you have an eye for both the artistic surroundings and finding original angles and views of your motives.

    Besides I like your music!
    From Felisol

  6. It's a very pretty architecture ! sometimes you see things during years without noticing their beauty. I started to really see when I started painting lessons and that helps me now for photography.

  7. What a beautiful building,Eaton! Peerfect for Ruby Tuesday! Thanks for participating! :)

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment.

    I love writing poetry too. It is my passion.

    Love your photos.

    Prayer Girl


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