Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleek, glossy and Lipstick Red

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On Saturday I came across this beautiful, glossy red...

This beauty is a 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne and I'm sure there's people in the know who would be able to fill us in on the features of this car. I'm not that person! I do know this car was built in an America that was riding on an economic high and nothing was too big or ostentatious when it came to motor vehicles. Petrol must have been darn cheap...

Have the best Ruby Tuesday everyone! :)




  1. Actually the Biscayne was introduced as an "entry-level" model, priced for the working class family guy. It wasn't until years later that it became a "classic". And you're right, petrol at that time was less than $0.25/gal. I can remember seeing gas that cheap, but by the time I could drive it was closer to $0.50. But you have to adjust that for inflation as well as the rise in the price of crude. When this baby was built, everything was cheaper.

    Great catch, and marvelous photos!

  2. I loved your title, AND your pictures! Happy RT!

  3. That were cars !! I called them "boats" :-) ! Nice pictures.

  4. ah the days when they built things to last instead of with a life expectancy of just 5 years.

  5. What a beauty, great post for Ruby T.

  6. Hi, Eaton,
    a red beauty, styled to capture other beauties.
    A blond ponytail trap, I'd say.
    I hardly remember those lollipops days.
    Red, seducing, cruising flakes.
    from felisol

  7. Wow...the colors so vivid, classic car, hmmm have you ever thought of boudoir? :)

  8. The 1958 Chevrolet looks like a Cadillac of the same era up front. I don't know if that was built in Australia or if it was imported from the USA and converted to right-hand drive. But this car is customized beautifully!

    PS: I have noted online that there are lots of old American car clubs in OZ.

  9. Beautiful, and very rich, color. Great shots Eaton.

  10. I love old cars! great lines and style

  11. Wow!! not just a great choice for RT but great photography!Happy RT

  12. Why do I feel like jumping up on the table and singing at the top of my lungs, "Greased Lightening! Go, Greased Lightening!" :)

    Tink *~*~*
    Yet More Disney Characters Who Wear RED

  13. Great shots of the chevy...love the red. It was always funny how the majority of people back then were either Chevy or Ford drivers.
    Forget it now, imports pretty much rule. I was always partial to Fords and I'm more a blue/silver/black car person! :)

  14. Very nice pics, Eaton. What a classic car. I remember riding in boats such as this when I was younger. Memories. D


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