Monday, February 23, 2009

Ruby Tuesday...

I shot these Ruby Tuesday photos this morning. I have been shopping in this area (not one mall in sight) for ten, maybe eleven years and I promise you I had not noticed all that Ruby stuff. I felt like everyone had put Ruby into their Tuesday just for me. Delusions of grandeur on my part, you say? ...quite possibly. :)

Please click on the snaps to enjoy the details and check out the number of Ruby items in the first photo.

Third photo down, the pale gray building on the right of the Kamikaze sign, has a date on it. I'll let you check out the date for yourselves. The facades of these buildings have beautiful Arte Nouveau moldings. I bet when these buildings were brand new, there was not a Ruby one amongst them.

By the time you view my Ruby Tuesday, your day will be moving into night. Hope it's been a very good day!

Visit MARY/THETEACH for more Ruby Tuesday:

*Please click on the pics to enjoy the details*


  1. What beautiful bursts of red you found. I love the conveniently parked red car parked outside the Flight Center. Perfect for RT. The color red really does brighten things up, doesn't it? Hi from rainy Cal.

  2. I love how the Kamikaze place is right near the Flight Centre. LOL!

    and leave it to Birkenstock to have a bright red building in the middle of all that drab. LOL

  3. Great shot! Three things at once!

  4. All that RED in one place and nowhere else on the block...Happy Ruby Tuesday, Eaton! :)

  5. Great captures and a nice progression in your post. Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

  6. I love your posting for Ruby Tuesday. Awesome Reds, have a great Ruby Tuesday.

  7. Dear Eaton,
    A pleasure walking around with you.
    It is true that Ruby Tuesday makes one more aware of the color and look of things. One sees life with a new eye.
    Don't you love it.
    I've double clicked on all your pictures. There were so many interesting details to see.
    The house facades win the price.
    They simply are beautiful.
    From Felisol

  8. I love the facades on these buildings. They have certainly withstood the test of time.
    I don't prefer the mall. This streetscape is wonderful.

    My RT post is at Carletta’s Captures my new photoblog.

  9. Eaton, I love these buildings. They're so stylish, in Red or whatever color. At least, the Red one attracts the attention immediately. They needed a post in Ruby Tuesday or in an other meme. I'm glad to have seen them.
    I have the impression that they have inspired some modern constructions.

  10. I love, LOVE, love the last picture. The bright red building in the row of black and white is awesome. It almost doesn't look real, it's as if you desaturated the rest of the picture and all the color was sucked into the red.

    I also love the details of those buildings. This is way better than going to the mall!

  11. I love busy street scenes and these are fantastic!!

  12. Thank you for the visit and the kind comment.

    My favourites here are the second and fourth shots. Well done!

  13. So nice red pictures !
    Thanks for your nice comment on my Thurday Thirteen post ! You are so right !

  14. These are wonderful .. and thanks for visiting me!

  15. Nice photos. I like all the red.

  16. Ooo. Cool pictures.Love the ruby. Really love the ruby slippers. They take you home again. Nice job. D


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