Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ruby Tuesday...

This Ruby Tuesday is a Lineal one for me. Everything
I snapped is predominantly vertical and horizontal lines.
With a good dose of red. I had to go to a local shopping mall
on Monday, I really dislike the places by the way. I will
do almost anything to avoid going to one. Sometimes life
just leaves me with no excuses for not going.

I hate breathing all that over used air, the crazy atmosphere,
the temptation to spend more money than exists on the
planet and different music blaring from every shop; all
different styles and sounds mingled together. Yeah, I guess
I'm unusual; I'm a woman and don't like shopping
Malls...and this was my second visit in two weeks. I did
manage to snap two photos in one of the parking areas.
Riveting stuff!

Visit MARY/THETEACH and other amazing
Ruby Tuesdays.

*If you want a closer look at those
columns, click on the pics*

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Have a great Ruby Tuesday everyone! :)



  1. I hate shopping malls also, but do like the ruby columns.

  2. I avoid the malls too. So much so that when we went there the other day they had totally changed everything and I was lost. lol

  3. I used to love to shop but since retiring I'd rather not.
    I love the symmetry of the poles and that pop of green of that little shiny car.

    I'm staying to listen to Alannah Myles. I bought this CD for this song years ago!

  4. Like Carletta I've given up shopping except for food and necessary consumables but these columns were a kewl find and I've been heading out with MY camera in new places too. Mine is at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings

  5. I like your "red" shots and I'm one who loves to shop!

  6. I hate to shop, but I love your eye for details. Great pictures.

  7. My first impression was that it was a car dealership. Same atmosphere, just writ large.

    I'm with you on the mall though. It's been so long since I was in one I don't even remember the last trip. And if I never have to go back I'll be fine with that.

  8. I shop only when I have to, Eaton! But I like the columns and the SUN! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  9. Eaton, I do not enjoy malls either. I visit them if I simply have to when shopping for some hard to find item. Usually just avoid them.

    Your pictures are great. Hubby gave me a digital camera months ago but so far I haven't taken the plunge and done anything with it. Maybe I need to take a photography class. D

  10. Great pictures. I like to go to the mall and just watch the people. :)

  11. Hi there Eaton..I haven't been posting much (procrastinating mostly)..Anyway, I like your shots. I'd almost have to go off Island (maybe inter-island)to get something unsual. Have a great day-


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